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This natural tea blend will help aid with milk supply increase, reduce cholesterol levels, improve testosterone & estrogen, control appetite, antibacterial properties menopausal symptoms improve digestive health, help aid with reducing inflammation, urinary tract health PMS, easing morning sickness, blood pressure, it also has antioxidants, high iron & vitamin K, promotes fertility. 


May contain: fenugreek, fennel, nettle seeds, alfalfa chamomile, dandelion, and red raspberry.

Do Not Consume if: you are allergic to certain legumes such as peanuts, chickpeas if pregnant, under the age of 12, individuals who take certain medication speak with your doctor, if you have MS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer, uterine fibrous, endometriosis, and also if you have any kidney or liver issues. And always consult your doctor before using herbal tea.


Instruction: steep desire amount of herbs for 5-8 mins. Add your sweetener of choice and enjoy.


Lactation & Menopausal Herbal Tea Blend

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