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History of Company

Welcome to TMH Spirit Center, your haven for spiritual healing. We are dedicated to providing a place where individuals can discover their inner peace and reach a state of harmony. We specialize in a wide range of services that are tailored to specific needs: Reiki Healing, meditation, chakra work, spiritual reading, spiritual coaching, meditation, sound therapy, crystal healing, and other spiritual practices. Our team of skilled professionals will help guide you on your journey towards spiritual growth and self-awareness. We help our clients find inner peace and harmony by providing tools and practices to help them achieve spiritual growth. Our holistic approach to healing helps individuals find peace and transcend beyond their physical limitations. Welcome to the space where you can find inner peace and explore life’s questions!

Founded by Angelic Hill, also known as Empress, in 2019. I am a Certified Usui Royho Reiki Master Teacher practitioner, I have completed all 3 Reiki levels 1, and 2, and the Master Teacher level.  A conduit for Divine Light Energy, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, Professional Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Reader, and Life Coach, and is part of the International Reiki Organization. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I started to research different ways to heal my body without taking medication. The diagnoses started my journey to holistic healing and healing my body. As I began to research and study, I became more aware of things that can help aid in healing my body like herbs, crystals, different modalities practices, and more. With all the knowledge that I have learned and still learning. I started the TMH Spirit Center to help individuals start to heal their bodies without medication from the inside out. Embrace the healing power of spirituality by booking an appointment at TMH Spirit Center today. 

    I provide Reiki Healing, Counseling, Spiritual Readings, and Spiritual Counseling, My sessions will help those who require healing & and seeking guidance regarding their personal life, career, life purpose, acceptance, balancing, spirituality, depression, & and more. My sessions and readings will empower you also, help you gain clarity in your current situation. If you are dealing with depression, PTSD, or anxiety give my one-on-one counseling session a try, it will help you understand a Divine connection between spirituality and depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

I have been through my healing; I understand how intense and challenging it can be sometimes. Healing doesn't happen overnight it is an ongoing process, and it takes a conscious effort. Many are dealing with depression, addiction, abandonment issues, rejection, childhood traumas, etc some are conscious, and some are subconscious. It can be not easy to open up and share yourself with others. This is why my sessions are available to those who need assistance and support during these challenging times. You have to put time and effort into yourself. Self-love is the key!

I have psychic gifts such as Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairalience, empathic & and more! Check out the services I provide for further assistance and book a session with me.
I look forward to working with you! Sending High Vibration, High Frequency, positive love, positive light & and positive blessings your way.

Thank You! Peace & Love

        Our Motto: Helping individuals start to heal from the inside out with no judgment. We allow you to be you. 

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