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Welcome to 
Spiritual Divine Academy of Knowledge 

A school where your Purpose,
talents & knowledge come alive.

Spiritual Divine Academy of Knowledge was established in 2021. Here at the school, we encourage you to tap in to yourself higherself and to find your purpose, in whatever it is, with no judgment. We allow you to take courses that will aid in enlightening your Spiritual ability, healing, self love, and helping others.
Spiritual Divine Academy of Knowledge allows an individual to find their Higher Power, Embrace and know their power, and most of all start to heal, and share their ability with others so that they can grow as well. Embrace that power within yourself with  no judgment just encouragement. We always provide the best and most trusted services and staff for the highest satisfaction of our esteemed customers, and the good for their higher self and all involved. 

Motto: "To know you is to know your power"

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