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These Earrings are handcrafted with high frequency and made with Agate and Quartz crystals. This product is nickel free. 



  • Handmade item

  • Length: 1 Inch; Width: 6 Millimeters

  • Materials: Gold wire Nickle Free

  • Earring Location: Earlobe

  • Closure:  Gold wire nickel free

  • Jewelry style: Spiritual


Metal: Gold Nickle free

Crystal: Agate, Clear Quartz


Agate: Sharpening your thinking clearing brain fog increasing self-confidenceEmpower decision-makingStrengthen life-force energy.


 Quartz crystal: is an amazing source of clarity and focus, with its passionate energy helping us to break down disruptive thoughts and emotions, Protection, Spiritual Awareness


Handcrafted Crystal Earrings

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